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  Title Size Type
Development as continued challenge
(Dutch version only)
1,025 kb

Guide of Indigenous Organizations
(Dutch version only)
258 kb

Non-Commercial Private Organizations in Nickerie: Description of a Sector (Dutch version only) 198 kb

Guide to NGO’s in Nickerie (Dutch version only) 683 kb
Children in Surinamese Children Homes: Social backgrounds, present situation and future perspectives 448 kb
Relations between Surinamese and Dutch NGO’s: A perspective on cooperation (Dutch version only) 519 kb
External Accounting of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)
(Dutch version only)
244 kb
Guide to NGO’s in Coronie (Dutch version only) 463 kb
Education Guide: A survey of counseling and supervising institutions for primary education
(Dutch version only)
251 kb
Labor Market Situation for Staff positions in Suriname (Dutch version only) 661 kb
Demographic development and the consequences of migration. The influence of migration on the social-economic development in the district of Coronie
(Dutch version only)
463 kb
Training at the basis, a tool for development? An attempt to measure the effects of women programs in Suriname
(Dutch version only)
458 kb
A rapid assessment of the worst forms of Child Labor in Suriname
(Dutch version only)
624 kb
  (A guide of fund and
donor agencies in Suriname)
Not yet
  (Guide to NGO's in Saramacca) Not yet


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