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NIKOS was established in 1997 to study and to strengthen the Non-Commercial Private Sector in Suriname. This is done by means of Research and Analysis of relevant Social Processes, and through Capacity Building (counseling, supervision, training and monitoring) of Community Based Organizations directed towards development (CBO’s) and intermediary NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations).

NIKOS works with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who feel a strong bond with Civil Society in Suriname. Activities are based on principles of Democracy, openness and transparency, solidarity, quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Mission
To enhance the Non-Commercial Private Sector and therefore of the Civil Society in Suriname, by means of Research, Publications and Policy Development.

Our aims
- Carrying out research with respect to the non-commercial private sector and the Civil Society in Suriname, and to publish the emanating results.
- Enhancing capacities of the Civil Society so as to participate actively in the process of development and policy development.
- Enhancing NGO’s and BO’s through counseling, training, supervision and network meetings.
- Developing systems to measure results through the application of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems.
- Participating in a regional network of comparable organizations.

View on Development
- With respect economy development, we support processes which increase and improve access to basic needs and markets. This implies the enhancement of a process towards a situation of full employment, within a context of environmental preservation.
- With respect to social development, we promote poverty reduction of existing social groups by enhancing the recognition and awareness of economic, social and cultural rights.
- With respect to political development, we support the social debate and the role of Civil Society in the process of policy development and social participation.

Intervention Strategy

  1. NIKOS is focused on action research and policy oriented research. The results of this research are made available to the target groups and policymakers.
  2. Dissemination of information about Civil Society in Suriname to national and international actors and donor agencies through publications, seminars, workshops and participation in opinion programs via local and international media.
  3. Participation in networks and other forms of cooperation in Civil Society with respect to the promotion of the social debate and an efficient allocation of funds of several donor agencies.

Capacity building
Conflict Management
Poverty reduction by means of providing basic needs and access to markets.
Enhancing development initiatives, especially in the rural areas.
Civil society, Non-Governmental Organizations and Development

Partners in Suriname
Groups which benefit from our services are Community basedOrganizations, Intermediary Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Governments, International Donor Agencies, Students and Consultants.

Important Clients
The NGO’s which maintain relations with NIKOS include PAS, NVB, Projekta, ProHealth, Bureau Forum NGO’s, Moiwana’86, SUCET, VPSI, Buanda, Stop Violence against Women, Sahara, CAESAREA, STEPS.

Donor Agencies and International Organizations which have made use of our services include:
CORDAID, ICCO, Micro Projects Program (EU/PLOS), International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI), Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands, the Missionary Society from Zeist (Zeister Zendings Genootschap), International Labor Organization (ILO), UNDP.

In the area of research and publications NIKOS cooperates with:
Anton de Kom University of Suriname, Amsterdam Institute for Global Issues and Development Studies (AGIDS), the University of Amsterdam.




NIKOS - NGO Institute for Training and Research in Suriname
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